Project Coordinator: Maurice Héral (IFREMER, France) email:
Project Manager: Daniel Roy  (IFREMER, France) e-mail:

Scientific Coordinator: Denis Bailly (UBO, France) e-mail:
Scientific Coordinator:
Thomas Sawyer Hopkins (IAMC-CNR) e-mail:

IFREMER Centre de Brest
BP 70, 29280 PLOUZANE Cedex, FRANCE
TEL: +33298224040


Node 1: Science and Policy Interface Methodology
Coordination: Audun Sandberg (HIBO, Norway) email:

WP 1: Stakeholders and Policy Mapping: Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (UVSQ, France) email:

WP 2: Economic Assessment: David Hadley (UEA/CSERGE, UK) email:


Node 2: System Approach Framework Methodology
Coordination: Gillian Glegg (UoP, UK) email:

WP 3: System Design: Paul Tett (NUE, UK) email:

WP 4: System Formulation: Cedric Bacher (IFREMER, France) email:

WP 5: System Appraisal: Marta Estrada (CSIC, Spain) email:

WP 6: System Output: Anne Mette (KNMG, Germany) email:


Node 3: Study Sites Activities
Coordination: Josianne Støttrup (DTU/DIFRES, Denmark) email: Josianne Støttrup email:
Bert van Eck (DELTARES, Netherlands) , email:
Dolors Blasco (CSIC, Spain) , email:

Contact details of each SSA is available at Study Site Applications


Node 4: Model Support
Coordination: Guy Engelen (VITO, Belgium) email:

WP 8: Model Support: Jean-Luc de Kok (VITO, Belgium) email:

WP 9: SAF Information Management Plan: Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams (Uni-HB, Germany) email:

WP 10: Alternative Strategies: Laura Giordano (IAMC-CNR) email:

WP 11: Communication and Dissemination: Maria Ferreira (EUCC-MC) email:


Node 5: Knowledge Transfer
Coordination: Valerie Cummins (NUIC, Ireland) email:

Work Package 12: Academic Training: Alice Newton (UALG, Portugal) email:

Work Package 13: Professional Training: Hance Smith (CU, UK) email:


Full list, location map and contact of SPICOSA partners available at SPICOSA Partners