The Integrated Project SPICOSA, funded by the EU´s Sixth Framework Programme, took off in February 2007 with the aim to develop and test a self-evolving, operational research approach framework for the assessment of policy options for the sustainable management of coastal zone systems. It is therefore of high relevance to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and other related European policies.

To achieve this, 54 partners from 21 countries have joined to produce a Systems Approach Framework (SAF), and other tools, to apply a ‘systems approach’ to coastal zone science. Key to this approach is the science-policy interface to improve and enhance closer and effective integration and common deliberation over coastal issues. The SAF will guide and support European coastal policy-makers by providing them with means to understand the effects of their policies.

The tools developed by SPICOSA are being tested at 18 different Study Sites across Europe, each with their own identified ‘key issue’.

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