SPICOSA local applications aim to bridge the gap between coastal stakeholders across various aspects of local economy, policies, uses, conflicts and impacts to enable the dialogue that may lead to sustainability.
The project tests, improves and demonstrates its tools and the System Assessment Framework (SAF) throughout Europe over a diverse set of eighteen study sites. A wide variety of coasts that differ in geomorphology, environmental conditions, cultures, and human activities provide this basis. Each local application of SPICOSA provides more and better insight to the human activities that generate the greatest impacts and those types of coastal zone systems that are most vulnerable to human activity.

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The map below lists the SSAs by number and location.




Izmit Bay Danube Delta Thermaikos Gulf Taranto Mare Piccolo Venice Lagoon Thau Lagoon Barcelona Coast Guardiana Estuary Pertuis Charentais Scheldt Delta Cork Harbour Clyde Sea Sondeled Limfjorden Himmerfjarden Oder Estuary Gulf of Gdansk Gulf of Riga